Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Update on Ghost!!

here is an email I got from the wonderful person who adopted my Ghost dog back in March.

all the puppy prayers were answered..he has an INCREDIBLE forever home:

Things are going well here. Ghost does have a new name! His name is now Chugach. If you are unfamiliar, it is the name of an Alaskan native culture. There is a mountain range and National Forest named after them and their culture. I had several options for names and he responded very positively to this one so it stuck. I call him Chuwy for short which has become a bit of an identifier. I have to be careful what I leave lying around!

He has come a long way and is a real sweetheart when he isn't getting into something he shouldn't!! He absolutely loves being brushed and getting a good scratch behind the ears. He is still very skittish but is getting better every day. He lets me know when he wants me to come give him love. He is unfortunately still very frightened about being on a leash and refuses to leave the yard. I generally have to pick him up to move him.

He seems very happy with his sister and gets along with all the other dogs that come to play. I bet he would be thrilled to see Denton again (and you!

(please read the story of Ghost aka Chuwy)