Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Colour of Mountains

(Mountain bluebird by Patti Kryzanowski)

Winter temperatures have stripped the colour from the mountains. Not unlike a charcoal drawing, the colours range from soft pussy willow greys to the stark black of deep charcoal greys. As the sun rises, the alpen glow finds the top of peaks, throwing pinks and oranges against this dull palette. Momentarily the mountains resemble the old hand-painted black and white photographs of the past. Dimensions are altered, as trees flatten against the rocky backdrops.
Low in the valleys, motionless clouds are frozen in place.

Seasonal transitions expand the mountain palette. Blues dominate. Shades from deep indigo in the foreground, give way to silvery shades of blue on distant ridges. Clouds climb out of the valleys, like smoke leaving a fire. to encircle the rugged terrain above timberline.

(Sunset storm by Patti Kryzanowski)

(Alaska Bay by Patti Kryzanowski)

Purple storm clouds gather over steep mountain peaks. As the Summer storm spills over the mountain tops, sweeping down the slopes, green explodes in its wake. Fields of wild flowers, hurrying down the mountainsides.

(Alaska tundra by Patti Kryzanowski)

( San Juan mountain flowers by Steve Black)

Autumn cascades down the slopes, as fall whispers of Winter. Tucked into the valleys, aspens burst into firey oranges and yellows.

Snow clouds build, and the cycle repeats.
(Eagle Peak trail by Patti Kryzanowski)

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  1. Beautiful post! I love it and the San Juan Mountains are a favorite place we enjoy on summer camping trips.