Monday, January 3, 2011

Tracks in the Snow

pink dawn
tracks in newly fallen snow
holds stories of the night before

As a young child, I often accompanied my Dad deep into the Canadian wilderness. Beyond the frozen swamps, rimmed with red dogwood and blown cattails, we'd turn onto some abandoned logging road. Edged by spruce  forests, intermingled with white birch, these roads went everywhere and nowhere at the same time. In the open clearings carved out by ancient glaciers or more recent logging, my training as a naturalist began. You see, back then there was no "Animal Planet", or "Discovery Channel" to teach you the wonders of nature....and as it was, we had no TV back then anyway. So in all honesty, my degree in Biology didn't start my first semester at CU..but rather the first time I stepped onto a logging road....

Awakening swamp 

According to my dad, "quiet" was the best voice for the bush.  The forest had its own voice..the wind in the tops of the tall pines, the cracking of ice, the whir of a startled grouse..and the caw of the raven..enticing you deeper into its world...quiet...listening to that voice.

When my dad did speak, it was often without words..pointing out things with a quick sideways toss of his head, or holding up his mittened hand to stop me from startling a resting animal, or squatting to examine the tracks in the fresh snow.

Snowy impressions of owl wings left in the pursuit of a foraging mouse

signs of a lone wolf stalking an aging moose

bobcat gliding over a snowy hill to get a better view

the hidden refuge of a where a buck had bedded down

 meandering tracks of a fox flushing his breakfast

leaving the woods,  my heart will forever step in the tracks of my Dad
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  1. You are so blessed with the gift of writing! I absolutely love reading your blog. Your life and 'likes' are so similiar to mine. Thank you so much for including 'Winter Morning Drink' (black wolf). Looking forward to your next addition!!

  2. Hello Northernlodge,
    Your writing is so stirring. My Dad also taught Woods Appreciation. He told me I had to be quiet so we could "hear her breathe." He was talking about Mother Nature, of course, and he was correct. Thanks for the memories!

  3. BEAUTIFUL ! You are a gifted writer. And what wonderful items you have generously showcased !

    Hugs, "Heart"

  4. I think you were put on this great Earth to tell us wonderful stories about the beauty around us. I love reading them and learning more about beautiful Mother Nature!

  5. wow these are some awesome picks! i love the cowl and the pic of the fox is beautiful!

    i'm stopping by from the Vesties Team page!!

    I'm a new follower :)