Thursday, January 6, 2011

Where in the World? dream destination

The other day I asked a friend-if you could go anywhere in the world where would you go.. his answer-oh, I don’t know….my head must have swiveled around like the possessed girl in the exorcist-because shortly after that he did come up with an answer..the Caribbean…he never asked where I would go-but I felt compelled to tell him anyway..and now I will share my dream destination with you too....we are going on a trip…

Let's pack those suitcases and catch our plane

The origins of this trip began 26 years ago..two young mothers had taken their sons to the park by the lake for a day of play..One boy was named Jamal, the other Maligiaq. At first the mothers smiled from across the playground at each other. Soon the boys began playing together..then as children do, they engaged their mothers to come push them on swings. Both moms noticed that the other was pregnant. Smiles widened..bonded by their membership in the "big belly club", the mothers began to talk as they pushed their sons into the clouds.

Later that day, they shared picnic lunches.. One mother was from Canada, the other from Greenland, and both had come to the lake park because they were missing the waters of their homelands...they both laughed at how small this "lake" was..hardly worth mentioning, the smallest of waves and no fish either..

Months went by, bellies got bigger, a season changed, friendships grew, and the babies were born..a sister for Maligiaq and a brother for Jamal.

Greenland came alive as one mother told the other stories of her country..she told of the trickery in how Iceland and Greenland were named, she remembered the canneries where she worked alongside her sisters, and the other Native women of her village. She spoke proudly of her father's dogs..and their coveted status as sled dogs in her village. She talked of getting together in humble homes darkened in the Winter light creating beatiful beadwork with the women she knew from the cannery. She painted pictures of surreal beauty..icebergs, fierce ocean waves, rocky inlets, open landscapes, and beautiful brown faces..her heart always followed her words as they faded away.

Homesickness is a powerful illness, and one day the mother from Greenland called to tell the other that she could no longer pretend that she didn't prefer the sound of wind in the trees over the sound of traffic, she could no longer pretend that she thought the pond at the park was a lake..she told the other mother...I have decided to raise my children in my village..can you please help me pack?

The children climbed in and out, playing in the empty boxes, until one by one all of the boxes were full but one. The mother from Greenland had saved the beautiful beadwork for the last box..she held it out in her hands to her Canadian friend and are my only friend here..please take something to remind you of me..but the Canadian mother could not..she was too sad to hold something that her friend had made with her beautiful hands.

The two women hugged, with tears rolling down their faces..the children looked bewildered-they had only known joy and laughter between their two mothers..The mother from Greenland spoke at last...I will always keep two of my father's sled for Jamal, another for Eric and when they come..they will have status in my village...and my people will love them as I do.

Dark Winters came to Greenland as the years passed..some letters passed between the two women..both divorced the fathers of their beautiful children..and sometimes their hearts remembered a friendship now separated by time and got in the way and they lost contact eventually.

Under the stars, years later, the Canadian mother thought of her dear friend..and was comforted to know that they still saw the same stars..she wondered if she would ever see her friend from Greenland again..just then a shooting star hurried across the night sky..assuring her that she would..

Within four short days thanks to the wonders of the Internet the friends were connected..before they hung up..the voice in Greenland said-hurry and come to Greenland..Maligiaq will take you in the sea kayak and you can see your beloved polar bears..but hurry because they don't have much time here..

and now you know why Greenland is my dream destination

Maligiaq Padilla is Greenland's champion sea kayaker and Jamal Allen played professional football in Finland, but this is the closest they have been since they once played together.


  1. This is a beautiful memory. Thank you so much for sharing it. You captured the love you had for one another.

  2. Thank you for posting a link so I could read this wonderful, heartwarming story : )

  3. What a wonderful story. I hope to read of your adventures in Greenland one day.

  4. Just a wonderful story...please pass the Kleenex.

  5. Aww what a wonderful story. You really must go to Greenland - and take loads of pictures whilst you are there!!

  6. Good Morning!Im a new follower and just wanted to say I love this story!So beautiful.Have a great trip.blessings michelle

  7. Wow! A great story..... You are an adventurous soul!