Friday, February 11, 2011

Country Living

When I was in college I lived in a little farmhouse in the town of Hygiene, kidding..that was the name of the town. Rural Colorado at its finest.

It was a little white farmhouse, with creaky wooden floors, a rickety porch on the back, and a spectacular view of the mountains. I loved soaking in the claw foot tub, swinging on the tire swing hung from an old cottonwood in the back 40, and making dinners with my roomies.

We lived there with our pets-my first collie Harvest Moon, two WILD acting ferrets..Fred and Ferret Fawcett,our cats Silver Cloud and a mean black Siamese mix..forgotten its name now..and our crazy horse-who used to come UP onto the rickety porch to open the old "beer fridge" with his nose..we kept carrots and apples in there for him and he helped himself.

There was an old abandoned dairy farm across the road, rows of cornfields and a coffee shop on the corner. You sat at the counter on spinning stools and Betty served the blackest coffee and the biggest cinnamon rolls with the goopiest sweetest icing you've even eaten. The attire ranged from overalls and flannel shirts, to Wranglers and cowboy boots...nothin fancy

We were called "those college kids" but people were friendly enough..especially once they found out that we were animal lovers. From that point on, it was nothing to wake up to a basket of kittens or puppies on our old wooden doorsteps. My roommate Katie would haul them to the college and find them all homes.

This treasury captures the essence of those days and that beautiful old home and a return to the simple life which my soul is CRAVING...
enjoy some quiet this weekend...


  1. Really loved reading this post and imagining it all : )

    Have a good weekend!

  2. wow what a story and inspiration for this treasury!