Thursday, February 24, 2011

Heaven Sent

In October, a neighbour of mine called asking if he could give a treat to my "other husky" which I replied..when I left this morning, I only had ONE husky, so please clarify what exactly you mean by "the other husky". He responded, well you now have two huskies and one collie.

Denton as a Baby and Denton with Nevaeh

Immediately I texted the OTHER animal lovers in our household-my kids-to find out which one had "sneaked" in the contraband husky. Both vehemently denied any involvement, but seemed delighted at the prospect of another animal. To this day, we honestly don't know how this husky "found his way" into our yard. Perhaps he sneaked in under a hole in the fence..maybe someone mistook him for my other husky and "returned" him to our yard..maybe he hopped our fence after seeing our other husky or more likely he was "heaven sent".

By the time I got home that night it was dark and no excess husky was to be found. The next morning though I caught a shadowy glimpse of an animal that looked more like a coyote than a dog. As quickly as he appeared, he a ghost into the shadows.

The weekend came and indeed, we did find that another dog had joined our pack. He was extremely timid, and pitifully thin. I left food for him for four days before he finally ate, despite his starving condition. The tips of his ears were missing, either chewed off in a fight, or lost to frostbite, his ribs showed thru his coat which was a stinky mess, and his muzzle and legs were painfully thin.

Months later "Ghost" has become a playful member of the pack. He and Denton are like the twin terrors..running faster than the speed of light, tearing up stuff, and wrestling each other to the ground.. Mother collie, Nevaeh keeps them in line with her yappy bark.

Ghost is still extremely timid around people..but I've discovered that next to his pack members, he LOVES walks and hotdogs..I've learned that patience is something essential to working with this dog, so we take things slowly.

Ghost will need to move on eventually to his forever home..unfortunately i can not keep him. Please send your prayers back to Heaven for my Ghost dog, who was truly heaven sent that we will find the perfect home for him..a place where he can know love, and become the wonderful dog he was meant to be.


  1. Bless you for taking him in and having so much patience to restore his trust of humans. I pray he will indeed find his forever home as I pray all stray animals will find theirs. He is beautiful and so very lucky to have been Heaven sent to you. Deb

  2. Wow, sounds like he found the right temporary home. It's wonderful that you're feeding him up right and nurturing his trust in people. I hope you can find a great permanent home for him.

  3. Wow, he's a beauty and reminds me of our Cherokee and Bandit malamutes we had a long time ago. Bandit was 10% Timberwolf and looked like your Ghost. Thank the Lord you took Ghost in and fed him. Now we have a cat we've named Ghost for the same reasons... he comes and goes, and he's also mostly white:) Your other doggies are gorgeous.

  4. Firecracker

    I have had more than one person tell me that they thought my Ghostie is part wolf..

    Thanks for the nice words about the other dogs..Our Nevaeh-the collie-is SO beautiful and sweet as the day is long..but alas NOT smart-lol-esp for a collie

    Denton is stubborn husky temperament..but a momma's boy for sure..he LOVES ghostie

  5. Sounds a lot like how we got our Tucker boy, who has become a much loved member of our family now.

  6. I pray this precious gets a deserving home

  7. AWwwwwww, sweet Ghostie, many prayers for his loving forever home to be found soon.

  8. Wonderful for you to take him in for now...Prayers for a forever home for Ghost!